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Season 4 of AMC’s The Killing premiered last week, not on AMC, but on Netflix. After AMC put┬áDetectives Linden (Mireille Enos) and Holder (Joel Kinnaman) out of their misery for the second time, Netflix resurrected the stylish, rain-soaked series for a truncated fourth season. When the show first debuted, the ‘Who Killed Rosie Larson?” mystery, the dark tone and morose subject matter gave it a kind of “Twin Peaks’ vibe I really liked. Around the halfway point of Season 1 though, the grief-porn aspects of the show started to wear a little thin and were a real drag on any momentum the storyline might’ve had. I mainly tuned in to Season 2 for the conclusion of the mystery. When Season 3 debuted I gave Linden and Holder another chance. The show actually got better but still relied on red herrings and Linden and Holder’s tendency toward complete and utter incompetence to solve another mystery. Mild Spoilers Ahead!

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I’d been holding off watching the final 2 episodes of Orange is the New Black Season 2, but finally had to give in given all the Emmy noms the cast garnered this week. I’d even overheard the surprise ending, but not the details. On top of that, I stayed away from additonal spoilers online so any further secrets didn’t leak out. I’m glad I did.

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