Motown the Musical is playing throughout September at The Orpheum Theatre and over Labor Day I went and saw the production. Growing up in the 70s, of course I was aware of Motown, Diana Ross, The Jackson 5, Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson. But I didn’t know about the rich history of the label that was started by a failed boxer, Berry Gordy, which the show is determined to tell you. This is Berry Gordy’s world, and we are here to get his side of the story.
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Lifetime aired the long-awaited Unauthorized Saved By The Bell movie last night and it was spectacular. Fans of camp television had plenty to indulge in this complete travesty. Even though Lifetime stripped out all the fucking salacious details from Diamond’s book Behind The Bell, on which this movie is based, it still managed to be over the top, in the best way possible. So basically the KidzBop version of SBTB. What they did keep was Diamond’s smug tone and “Hollywood? More like HollyWIERD, amiright?” tone. There wasn’t a lot here, but what was here was glorious!
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During Barbra Streisand’s 2010 interview with Oprah to promote her coffee-table book A Passion for Design, a short film was shown of Babs giving O a tour of her Malibu home, including the basement of the18th Century farmhouse she built on the property, which is arranged into a mall of shops to house her vast collection of things.

It was riveting. Playwright Jonathan Tolkin uses this as a jumping off point for Buyer & Cellar. The play received great reviews during it’s off-broadway run and now it’s making its way around the country and just landed at SHN’s Curran Theatre with original star Michael Urie of Ugly Betty and Partners fame. Michael plays Alex More, a down on his luck LA actor who takes a job tending the shops after getting fired from Disneyland.
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Just finished the second episode of Lindsay on OWN. Where episode one focused on Lindsay’s attempt to find an apartment in NYC, episode two is mostly about her trying to get into her chosen apartment. Thrilling it is not. What is somewhat surprising is how forthcoming the production is about behind the scenes mechanics of filming a show (the production company paid for the apartment during filming, for example). However, I suspect this is due to a lack of anything else going on worth taping and probably a last resort to fill the episode order.
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On the heels of one of the tamest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ever, Bravo debuted Season 6 of New York. Conspicuously absent: Countess Luann de Lesseps. In her place is Kristen something or other, whose job it is to look aghast whenever somebody raises their voice, chew out people for daring to make her wait, and wear obnoxious cocktail rings.
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Finally, after a long season of nothing, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wound down with an anti-climatic finale at, apropos of nothing, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce 100 Year Celebration. The big showdown between Brandi and Lisa fizzled out as Lisa refused to play the part of “GUILTY”. Kyle motorboated some random friend after the ladies all commented on her breasts, and Ken tried not to fall asleep as Mauricio blah’d on about nothing in particular.
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Going to give this blogging thing another go, since it seems to be a thing to do if it’s 2000. Usually not really inspired about anything until after midnight so it may seem a little disorganized. But generally plan to post about pop culture and whatever else pops into my head. Leave a comment and let me know what you think!