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Well, this stinks. After 16 years of host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has decided to call it quits this fall when his current contract expires. To be sure, during his Rosewater press tour, he definitely dropped hints that he would probably move on, but on Tuesday he confirmed that he’d be leaving his post at Comedy Central. The response was swift, with the news being reported on CNN and other nightly news shows. As millennials wonder where they’ll get their news from now, I was reminded of Jon’s humble beginnings on MTV.

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After weeks of no TV and spotty wifi, I landed at an airbnb with decent enough internet to catch up on some new shows. Fox’s Empire has been the talk of trade magazines, blogs and tv shows and I’ve been dying to catch it. Fortunately, it’s streaming right now on HuluPlus, so I binge-watched the first four episodes. A lot of press is comparing Empire to Dynasty and the Godfather movies, two of my all time faves, so I knew I’d enjoy it. I just didn’t expect to enjoy it this much.

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When we last left Homeland, Carrie was pregnant with Nick Brody’s love child, while said congressman/terrorist was being punished hanged in the middle of a public square? Or was he still drying out from heroin addiciton? I don’t even know, because my Showtime subscription ran out in the middle of the season and I had given up on this show after 2 seasons of pulpy romance smattered with occasionally thrilling CIA exploits. Not that any of that matters, because Homeland’s showrunners have taken Brody’s exit as an opportunity to refocus the show back on the CIA.
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There’s over two dozen new shows premiering this fall, not counting new and returning shows on cable and Amazon/Hulu/Netflix. That’s a ridiculous amount, and many won’t even make it till the end of the season. Some look really, really good (Gotham) and some are already circling the dreaded hiatus designation (Red Band Society, The Mysteries of Laura). That’s all fine and good, but which shows am I the most excited about? Glad you asked!
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The season finale of HBO’s The Leftovers aired last night, answering some of the most nagging questions I had about the show and leaving just enough mystery to tempt me to tune in next season. As I pointed out in my initial Leftovers post, the slow pace and tone of the show frustrated me and though I never quit watching, I came close. After the jump, let’s look at the 10 questions The Leftover answered last night (Spoilers Ahead, obviously).
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Dan Fielding
So, how ’bout those Emmys, huh? I was going to write a quick post about my thoughts on the Emmys 2014, and Seth Meyers’ completely competent, but boring and stiff turn as host in the grand tradition of Late Night Hosts before him. But I feel like after reading this Michelle Collins recap anything that I could write would be reductive. Suffice it to say Meyers did what Meyers always does, plays the straight man to funnier comedians like Billy Eichner (the best part of Monday night), Beyonce Amy Poehler, and Andy Samberg.But I’d like to make a suggestion to The Televison Academy and future winners of Emmys going forward: Follow John Larroquette’s Example.
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Back in 2011, Bravo aired a 30 minute pilot based on the New York magazine back page feature “The Approval Matrix.” Hosted by Faith Salie, the show attempted to bring the popular feature to television. I barely remember watching it, and the pilot was so disastrous, Bravo has wiped any trace of it from their website. Proving there truly are no new ideas in Hollywood or cable TV, Sundance TV has given a new version a six episode commitment, this time with Neal Brennan (co-creator of Chappelle Show) as host. Let’s compare the two!
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