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Well, this stinks. After 16 years of host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has decided to call it quits this fall when his current contract expires. To be sure, during his Rosewater press tour, he definitely dropped hints that he would probably move on, but on Tuesday he confirmed that he’d be leaving his post at Comedy Central. The response was swift, with the news being reported on CNN and other nightly news shows. As millennials wonder where they’ll get their news from now, I was reminded of Jon’s humble beginnings on MTV.

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(Cue the smooth guitar solo)…

This season of The Real Housewives of OC brought us Tamra trying to convince Eddie to have a baby by adopting a robot for a few weeks. Vicki faced her empty-nest square in the eye and cried every time she thought about Briana and Troy moving to Oklahoma. Heather continued to be judgemental and privilaged, and Shannon joined the cast with a whiny needy voice and a husband whose main attribute is looking sweaty. Lizzie joined the cast too, and besides playing a masterful game of ‘marry, shag, kill’ contributed little. All the ladies took a trip to Bali, which gave Vicki myriad excuses to scream, Tamra plenty of excuses to get pissed off, Heather to act cool and better than everyone else, and Shannon to snivel to all the girls how mean Tamra is. Oh, and Lizzie came along too. We end the season, much like other seasons, in Vicki’s backyard…
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Beyonce and Jay Z’s On The Run Tour closed out the final show of the US Tour in SF last night and last minute I was able to find a decent seat on StubHub (the tour finishes up in Paris, which will be broadcast on HBO, so if you missed the show, you can watch it then). I love Beyonce and most of Magna Carta Holy Grail, and I couldn’t wait to see the show, and it was… Ok I guess? As I said last night on twitter, On The Run was definitely like a pretty good Beyonce concert constantly interrupted by a decent Jay Z concert. It was doubly frustrating to be listening to a Beyonce song, get into it, then have it suddenly switch over to a Jay Z song. But I digress, I’m no music critic, so rather than even try, here are my random thoughts during the concert (in no particular order):
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