Late Night


Well, this stinks. After 16 years of host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart has decided to call it quits this fall when his current contract expires. To be sure, during his Rosewater press tour, he definitely dropped hints that he would probably move on, but on Tuesday he confirmed that he’d be leaving his post at Comedy Central. The response was swift, with the news being reported on CNN and other nightly news shows. As millennials wonder where they’ll get their news from now, I was reminded of Jon’s humble beginnings on MTV.

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Continually amazed by John Oliver and HBO’s Last Week Tonight. In a very short time, Oliver has managed to make his show must-see viewing among the myriad options available on Sundays. And he’s done it by covering issues a lot of Americans could care less about: Net Neutrality, FIFA, Climate Change, GM and the Death Penalty. These are, for the most part, sensitive topics that need more explanation than you’re going to find on a 30 second news bit.


And so it goes… In high school, I revered Dave’s Late Night, hippest thing on tv. Jokes would bomb, guests would bore him, and equipment, props etc would fail, and yet there it was, broadcast for all the world to see. Dave pioneered ironic detachment, and along with his then girlfriend Merrill Markoe, defined what comedy would be in the new century.