After weeks of no TV and spotty wifi, I landed at an airbnb with decent enough internet to catch up on some new shows. Fox’s Empire has been the talk of trade magazines, blogs and tv shows and I’ve been dying to catch it. Fortunately, it’s streaming right now on HuluPlus, so I binge-watched the first four episodes. A lot of press is comparing Empire to Dynasty and the Godfather movies, two of my all time faves, so I knew I’d enjoy it. I just didn’t expect to enjoy it this much.

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There’s over two dozen new shows premiering this fall, not counting new and returning shows on cable and Amazon/Hulu/Netflix. That’s a ridiculous amount, and many won’t even make it till the end of the season. Some look really, really good (Gotham) and some are already circling the dreaded hiatus designation (Red Band Society, The Mysteries of Laura). That’s all fine and good, but which shows am I the most excited about? Glad you asked!
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Maybe it’s the terrorist plotline, maybe it’s that Jack is a operating as a lone wolf, maybe it’s that I have a visceral reaction to William Devane and Kim Raver, or that since they’re in London, Edgar and CTU can’t establish a Hard Perimeter, but I’m having a hard time mustering up the give-a-shit about Bauer and Co.
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