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What if Seinfeld were about Jerry and Elaine trying to make it in show business? That’s basically the premise of DIfficult People, written and created by Julie Klausner. As you may have surmised from my occassional mentions, I’m a huge fan of Julie and Billy Eichner. Finally her show is available, streaming on Hulu with new shows every Wednesday. They’re both great, the show is fantastic and it’s just been renewed for another season.

That being said, here are my favorite things about Difficult People not named Billy or Julie:

Matthew’s wardrobe Matthew, played by the hilarious Cole Escola, is ostensibly a waiter at D’s Cafe like Billy. However, he’s far too busy shopping with Denise (see below), being a walking cliché and making fun of Billy to get much work done. Also, see if you can spot when the other actors break because of him. His clothing consists of numerous scarves, matching outfits with Denise, capezio dance shoes, and a cast jacket for the gayest show ever, The Boy From Oz.
cole 2

Denise Gabourey Sidibe is having the best year ever. FIrst appearing as Lucious Lyon’s assistant on Fox’s only breakout hit of 2015, Empire, and now showing off her comedy chops as the aforementioned Denise, owner of D’s Diner.
cole 3

Andrea Martin is perfect as Julie’s mother, Marilyn. Nobody else could possibly express their disappointment in their daughter by simply biting into a piece of chocolate.

Nicknames James Urbaniak plays Julie’s boyfriend Arthur, a producer at PBS. The only time Arthur calls Julie by her actual name is when they’re fighting, the rest of the time is a hilarious collection of nicknames. The default is Noodles, but he’s also called her: Carseat, Lava Lamp, corn cob, mouse pad, porcupine, candles, Pencils, Hydrox and Splenda.Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 3.06.18 AM

Julie’s Apartment I’ve never actually seen Julie’s apartment, just glimpses in a couple of photos. Anyone who’s listened to HWYW knows Julie, like most New Yorkers, obsesses about her apartment, and several of her guests mention how wonderful it is. Peaches Christ told me the apartment is amazing after taping an episode of HWYW. Since I’ll probably never see it, the proxy on the show will have to do. It really is a well decorated set. So much so that Julie even remarked how much it feels like her apartment. I like to freeze-frame and take in the details. My favorite thing so far is the old stove used as a sideboard.
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 5.31.37 PMapartment1apartment 2

Senator Jelly Beans and Greg apparently these dogs were difficult to have on set, but I don’t care. I just love every time they show up on screen, especially for “Drunk Fucking Science,” Julie’s attempt to make a viral youtube video.

Guest Stars SNL’s Kate McKinnon as Abra Cadouglas, Williamsburg’s premiere sober magician, is probably the best thing about episode three, but that episode alone also includes cameos by John Benjamin Hickey as Billy’s hookup, Andy Cohen and Martin Short as themselves. Other episodes include Marc Shaiman as himself, Kathy Najimy as a friend of Marilyn, Rachel Dratch as cancer lady, Jackie Hoffman and Fred Arminsen as Billy’s foul-mouthed sister-in-law and brother.

Text messages I really dont like to see texts used on a show, it always looks fake and takes me out of the show, because now you have to read. At least the texts on Difficult People are funny.
Text 1 text 2

Aftershow The last two episodes of HWYW have been commentary on the show in real time, like a DVD extra. When Julie’s not complaining about the way she looks, she’s crediting jokes to different writers, recalling how cold it was, how late it was when they shot the scene, or laughing at something that happens you might not be aware of (like when she breaks character) or an actor was amazing on set. Episodes of HWYW have been sporadic since she started working on the show, so these eps feel like watching the show with Julie in her apartment.
How Was Your Week Ep 205 “Sticks and Pins”
How Was Your Week Ep 206 “A Smidgen of My Fudge”

Have you been enjoying Difficult People? Let me know in the comments below!

Images and Screenshots via Difficult People is now playing. 


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