Monthly Archives: October 2014

Is anybody still watching the pathetic husk of a show that Real Housewives of New Jersey has become? Once a crown jewel in Bravo’s Housewives lineup, in the course of six seasons has devolved into a tepid sorrow-filled Giudice apology tour that only illustrates my previous post on the importance of casting to these reality shows.
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When we last left Homeland, Carrie was pregnant with Nick Brody’s love child, while said congressman/terrorist was being punished hanged in the middle of a public square? Or was he still drying out from heroin addiciton? I don’t even know, because my Showtime subscription ran out in the middle of the season and I had given up on this show after 2 seasons of pulpy romance smattered with occasionally thrilling CIA exploits. Not that any of that matters, because Homeland’s showrunners have taken Brody’s exit as an opportunity to refocus the show back on the CIA.
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