The Genius of Kim Kardashian

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last couple weeks, Kim Kardashian is currently winning the free app game with Kim Kardashian: Hollywood. This addictive app lets anyone with an iphone/android phone (sorry amazon fire) recreate Kim’s meteoric rise to fame using Kim’s own life as a template, only with you in the Kim K/neophyte role and Kim herself in the Paris Hilton/established mentor role. The game is on track to net Kim a cool $70+ million payday. Impatient famewhores can purchase in game credits towards fame, notoriety, clothes, etc rather than wait. Some may deride Kim for being famous for nothing, but not me. I think Kim is a genius at marketing, and Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the latest example. Here’s a couple more reasons why Kim Kardashian should be the next winner of the MacArthur Genius Grant.

kim_kardashian_goldBranding The Kardashians are nothing if not industrious, lending their name to everything from credit cards to make up and clothes. Its a potent mix of visibility, influence. access and narrative. Due to her reality show and various deals with tabloids, Kim is everywhere. From the family’s various shows on E!, movies, to the supermarket checkout stand, even billboards hawking her perfume and klothing kollection at sears.



Opportunist I don’t think “no” is in the Kardashian vocabulary. It seems they will say yes to practically every opportunity afforded them. Nothing wrong with that. Aside from the credit card debacle, Kim and her momager Kris are pretty savvy about navigating opportunities and knowing what is right for them and what is not. It takes a certain amount of discipline to know when to walk away from a multi-million dollar payday.




Trading Up When it comes to relationships, Kim will not suffer fools gladly. No matter what other people think, marrying Kris Humphries was never going to be a long-term deal. Maintaining the Kardashian money machine means servicing the main cash driver, Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Reality shows demand compelling storylines from its main characters and nothing is more of a fairy tale than a wedding. So much so that they repeated the storyline this season with Kim marrying Kanye, which is sure to be a very special 2 part episode season finale. The various E! shows keep them in the spotlight and are arguably the lynchpin of the entire organization. Without it’s continued success, the entire operation could be in jeopardy.

51JKjxgaB9L._SS500_Family Matters Kim shares the love with every member of the family. Realizing that she doesn’t appeal to everyone, Kim’s siblings bring up the slack that is outside of Kim’s main demo of single, career-focused women. Kim and her sisters each exemplify a feminine archetype: Kim the single, fragile girl who hates being single. Kourtney the young mom who’s happy with her family and choices. And my own personal fave, Khloe the slightly awkward, weight-conscious one who just wants to be loved. Each one is representative of a specific niche in American women’s lives.


Management To be sure, much of Kim’s success is due to her mother’s influence. Kris Jenner is no doubt the captain steering the ship and as such deserves much of the credit. Kim is the main brand/star/product and knows exactly what she wants, what her audience wants, and when/how to deliver to them. Kim Kardashian: Hollywood is the latest, most addictive example. So far there hasn’t been any opportunity to film a sex scene with Ray J, but I’m taking the free route and seeing how long it takes me to get through the game without spending a dime.

If you read this far, you deserve a reward. Enjoy this Kardashian Fashion Show, featuring Billy Eichner and the brilliant Julie Klausner from one of my favorite shows!

P.S. I just learned from Wikipedia that Kim’s middle name is Noel. I now love her even more.

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  1. Alex Jones said:

    I must have been living under a rock. Celebrities are overrated, I would never piggyback my brand on the shoulders of a celebrity, people who do that have a weak brand.


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