Orange Is The New Black

I’d been holding off watching the final 2 episodes of Orange is the New Black Season 2, but finally had to give in given all the Emmy noms the cast garnered this week. I’d even overheard the surprise ending, but not the details. On top of that, I stayed away from additonal spoilers online so any further secrets didn’t leak out. I’m glad I did.

Ugh, this show is so amazing. I’d binged watched an entire 10 episodes like it was nothing, and now here I was at the final 2 episodes. The main story arch of Season 2 is a battle of wills between Vee and Red, and the last few minutes were so great to see Vee run over by an on the lamb Rosa was the perfect ending to this season. I’d known Vee died, and when it hadn’t happened after 80 minutes i figured I’d heard wrong, though there were multiple attempts to off her, a chance meeting between Vee and the front of that van felt right and looking back i would have been disappointed if she had been killed by the hand of another character. The whole season crackled with the kind of energy a show has when its in a groove, elevating the material beyond what was established in the great first season. Congrats to all the nominated cast and crew. I cant wait until Season 3, with hopefully more Alex and less (as in zero) Larry.


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