And it was all yellow

I’ve never understood why people find Gwyneth Paltrow so intolerable, but most people have a strong opinion of the daughter of Bruce Paltrow and Blythe Danner.

Sure she comes across as an insufferable snob, I didn’t really register her as an actress until her award-winning portrayal of Viola De Lesseps (RHONY Alert!) in Shakespeare in Love, and didn’t really register again until she played Holly Holiday on Glee, which I enjoyed immensely. The thing of it is, as somebody who admittedly has very little connection, I admire her, much as I admire Martha Stewart or Ina Garten. What’s not to admire? She’s pretty, talented, WASPy (in a good way), built goop into a thriving brand, and hangs out with Beyoncé. Maybe it is because she has never had to struggle, that i tend to give her a pass when she says that acting is tougher than a 9 to 5 job or tries to kill a story about her in Vanity Fair. She just knows no other way.

Given all that, I never thought that she’d actually get divorced from Chris Martin, or ‘consciously uncouple’ as she put in in her blog post. Since she projects such an image of perfection and privilege, I always thought the last thing in the world she would ever do is let the world know that she’s imperfect, fallible and human like the rest of us. But there it is, splashed across her website that after 14 years, she and Chris were calling it quits. Maybe she has new image consultants or maybe she just got so fed up that she doesn’t care what anyone thinks, but hearing the news made me have even more respect for her as a personality.


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