The Drama is coming from inside the house

Just finished the second episode of Lindsay on OWN. Where episode one focused on Lindsay’s attempt to find an apartment in NYC, episode two is mostly about her trying to get into her chosen apartment. Thrilling it is not. What is somewhat surprising is how forthcoming the production is about behind the scenes mechanics of filming a show (the production company paid for the apartment during filming, for example). However, I suspect this is due to a lack of anything else going on worth taping and probably a last resort to fill the episode order.

The breakout star so far of the series is Lindsay’s poor, beleagured assistant Matt. Matt, always dressed in a 3-piece black suit is the source of constant exposition, explaining why Linds cant film that day, has to switch hotel rooms, working a deal with paparazi, etc. It’s all very tiring, and it clearly shows on his face. This poor guy has probably the worst job ever, cleaning up after and apologizing for one of the most pampered, spoiled celebs alive, and he does it with a practiced grimmace that doesn’t betray his true feelings. He is a calming blank to Lindsay’s frenetic complaints.

We also meet AJ, a Health & Lifestyle coach and Shereé Whitfield look-alike who cloaks her language in the the positive healing language that is OWN’s signature. Shots of a flabby, bloated Linds working out her issues via punches and jabs is not riveting stuff, and as the hour drags on, its hard to even care how this whole mishigas ends. The road to recovery isn’t exactly a edge of your seat thrill ride, but its had to even press that DVR button to watch another scene of Linds sleeping till 2:15 PM.


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