Wheezing to the finish line

Finally, after a long season of nothing, the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills wound down with an anti-climatic finale at, apropos of nothing, the Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce 100 Year Celebration. The big showdown between Brandi and Lisa fizzled out as Lisa refused to play the part of “GUILTY”. Kyle motorboated some random friend after the ladies all commented on her breasts, and Ken tried not to fall asleep as Mauricio blah’d on about nothing in particular.

This isn’t a recap, per sé, but a general yawn-induced reflection on the season that wasn’t. There were no big revelations, no huge feuds, no smoking e-cigarettes, nothing of note. (if you’re looking for someone to buy into Kyle’s whole ‘magazine conspiracy’, look elsewhere) The 2 new housewives were both duds, unfortunately. It’s highly doubtful anything will come of the 3-part reunion, but Bravo will try to make a lot of hay to keep up the illusion of RHOBH being a class offering. The real class is undoubtedly waiting in NYC, with a cast that has no problem dishing up juicy tidbits of gossip and throwing wine at each other along with shade.


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