Apologize, Apologize!

Screen Shot 2014-03-11 at 9.50.52 PM
On the heels of one of the tamest Real Housewives of Beverly Hills ever, Bravo debuted Season 6 of New York. Conspicuously absent: Countess Luann de Lesseps. In her place is Kristen something or other, whose job it is to look aghast whenever somebody raises their voice, chew out people for daring to make her wait, and wear obnoxious cocktail rings.

The episode opens with a photoshoot for Carole, being directed by Heather, to the chagrin of the photographer. Heather then hosts her bday party to reunite the cast and introduce Kristen to the cast. Aviva was immediately apologizing for her behavior last season (18 months ago) to Ramona and Sonja and everybody else. Nobody’s having it because last season Aviva proved she could turn on the crazy like no other.

Sonja invited Ramona and Kristen (and some random friend) to her crumbling barbie’s dream house for tea prepared by her waitstaff “interns”. Ramona and Sonja served up a helping of their nightclub act, bickering back and forth like a married couple, as Kristen looked on, mouth agape. Ramona then met with Aviva for a drink where Aviva again apologized and tried to get back in Ramona’s good graces. Ramona seemed to be open to it, but didn’t fully forgive her yet.

I’ll miss the Countess who’s been downgraded to ‘friend of’ status, but take what I can get. Other than that it looks like a fun season, with a trip to some summercamp apparently, lots of shouting at Aviva and her grossly inappropriate father, and at some point Aviva drops her leg like a mic and leaves. Can. Not. Wait.


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